Sunday, January 2, 2011

Been awhile.'s been two years since I opened this blog.2010 was a year where I'm really busy with school,work,relationships and other commitments.Since my last post,I was really busy.But that didn't stop me from going out to take photographs!So,this post is mainly dedicated to the pictures I took throughout 2010,but didn't have time to post it*.

A cotton stainer,from Sungei Buloh.

Yet another one.

It's a skink.More commonly found in forests and mangroves,this is indeed a rare sight.

As part of my photography interests,I have recently begun taking landscapes.This is taken in the Botanic Gardens.

*Over in all,not much photos.I do apologize for the lack of photos because I accidentally deleted alot of them.My bad.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pulau Semakau Hunting Seeking,30 Jan

Finally,some time to post again.N Levels sure is stressful.Anyways...

My first hunting seeking in 2010!And what a way to blast it all off by going to Pulau Semakau for a hunting seeking trip!

Ever since my last trip to Pulau Semakau,I've been feeling the effects of being stung by the dozens of mosquitoes(Culicidae sp.) so this time I begged around for insect repellant.Yes,I don't bring insect repellant since I joined Project Semakau last year.

My partner for today is a fellow Broadrician and a friend,Jin Yi.At least there's someone I can leech luck off.

Our first find of the day is actually quite a surprise for me.Two Sentinel crabs (Macrophthalmus spp.) mating! Sentinel crabs are often characterised by their two eyes that have super long stalks.

We were quite near the usual guiding place, so I guess I was rather fortunate to find this gigantic carpet anemone(Stichodactyla gigantea).

The usual common sand sifting sea stars(Archaester typicus). Looks like the population of the sand sifting sea stars have grown since I last came to Pulau Semakau.

I just seem to can't get enough of these cuddly little hairy crabs.They're so gentle,they're just shy.

I didn't really see much today,but I wonder if Jin Yi has more pictures than I do?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pulau Semakau Hunting Seeking,5th Dec

On the 5th of December,I went yet again to Pulau Semakau for a Hunting Seeking trip.Coincidentally,it was his Majesty the King of Thailand's birthday.

Prior to the trip,it rained,so the mosquito population somewhat spiked...alot.As we were going through the forest,I was running as I could see the hundreds of mosquitoes following me.

I was partnered with a HSBC volunteer who was extremely new to hunting seeking and I honestly can't remember her name.

Although I was looking forward to a long,nice hunting seeking,my partner was trying to rush out due to the impending darkness and,honestly I can't do anything about it except scold her(which I can't),so I was forced to end it prematurely.My sincere apologies if it affected our Hunting Seeking survey.

We didn't really see muchat first,but I spotted what I initially thought was a piece of debris floating around.After I saw it change colour,I ran after it and was quick enough to catch this Pygmy Squid(idiosepius sp.).They grow up to 2cm long here in Pulau Semakau.

As alwayss,we often see the Noble Volute(Cymbiola nobilis).These snails are often seen laying eggs.Maybe now isn't egg-laying season.

This is my second time seeing a spider conch(Lambis lambis) in Pulau Semakau.But from the looks of it,it might be dead.Or it could be just laying still.

Forgive the blur image,I was attending to my partner when she accidentaly cut herself while wading through the seagrass.As a result,I have to make this photo quick.What you see here is a swimming crab(Portunidae sp.).

Words of advice to my partner(for this trip):This is hunting seeking,not a guiding trip.So what if it's at night.We still have to carry on with this hunting seeking.If you want to rush out due to night blindness,please find somebody to accompany you to the main road and leave all equipment to me.I shall do the survey alone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thailand Trip,21st November-27th November

Well,I decided to return to the Aquatic Whispers Team.Even though it's not Christmas,I brought some gifts in the form of photos!

During the 21st to the 27th of November,I was in Thailand with my school for an Ecology-Biology Trip.We did transects there similiar to what we do in Pulau Semakau,and I had a glimpse of my future as I had a 'grass transect' that is almost similiar to the seagrass transect we do in Pulau Semakau.

This is one of man's great accomplishments:Planting corn on a steep hill!The slope was at least 45 degrees gradient!

As I was picking up the quadrat,I happened to notice a small twig moving!Closer inspection reveals this to be a Stick Insect(phasmatodea spp.).They are really masters of camouflage.Can you see it in this picture?

I apologize for the quality of this photo as I didn't turn on flash.Anyway,while climbing a really steep hill,my eyes chanced upon this caterpillar.From the looks of it,it look like a Lymantrid.

It's places like Thailand that the forest areas are cool and enjoyable to walk in during the ending months of the year.

Sometimes,it's best to sit down,have a cup of coca cola at hand and admire the landscape.

We went to Elephant Nature Park,and here's an elephant.Elephants in Thailand are now nearly extinct,despite the country's efforts to save them.Most elephants have been mistreated to forced labour and tourism.It's really nice to be up close with these majestic mammals.

I just found a new best friend.This dog was sleeping right next to me and apparently,I dozed off right next to him.

I didn't zoom this photo.It's just me,standing right next to the elephant.

And here's me,after my praying at Doi Suthep.What you see behind me is the city of Chiang Mai.

Right,that's all,and I'm officially part of the Aquatic Whispers Team again.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Body Worlds

Erin and I went over to the Body Worlds exhibition in the Singapore Science Centre,which is currently open from October 23rd 2009 to March 6th 2010.

After the point of entry,we were not allowed to take photographs.Partially,this is for enhancing public view and also,as Erin puts it:Respect for the dead.Mind,alot of the stuff put up there look extremely real.They even have a dead squid!Finally,a chance to look at the tentacles without it trying to tear my breathing mask off.

It's quite enriching.Biology students can learn alot about the human body in here.A shame Body Worlds wasn't here earlier,or else we could do our biology revision in here!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Myths on Snakes

While we,the Aquatic Whispers Team,are walking around the city,we noticed some myths about the animal RK loves the most,and will even sacrifice his secondary school education for:Snakes.

Here are some of the myths:

1. Myth:Snakes are aggressive creatures and will chase and attack a person.

This is proven beyond centuries as FALSE.They will not bite or attack a person if the person does not disturb it.Most snake bites to humans are due to intentional or unintentional provoking.

2. Myth:Snakes are slimy

This is also FALSE.Snakes are cold blooded,so they feel cool to touch.They are not slimy.Their scales are actually dry.

3. Myth:All snakes can spit venom.

This is a 90% False 10% True.Not ALL snakes spit venom.Only the Spitting Cobra(Certain Naja Species)can spit venom.

Even so,they do not actually ''spit'' venom.The venom sprays out in distinctive geometric patterns, using muscular contractions upon the venom glands. These muscles squeeze the glands and force the venom out through forward facing holes at the tips of the fangs. As the venom leaves the fang tip, a large gust of air is expelled from the lung which aerosolizes the venom and propels it forward.

4. Myth:A snake's tongue can sting you.

This is FALSE.A snake’s tongue is used strictly for smelling and is as harmless as a human tongue.

5. Myth:Snakes do not die until sundown.

False.Snakes die like all other animals(e.g Old age,disease,crushing,beheading,etc).

6. Myth:A mother snake will protect its young by swallowing them.

This is false too.The young would die from the digestive acids in the snake's mouth.

7. Myth:Snakes are evil!The Bible says so!

Sssshh...Don't let RK hear that.He'll charge at you like a mad bull.We have seen that happen before and's pretty scary.

8. Myth:All snakes are venomous/poisonous!LOOK AT THAT LARGE PYTHON!IT'S VENOMOUS!

Not all snakes are venomous.Only the ones with fangs are.And all pythons are not venomous too.

9. Myth:RK will give up his secondary school education for snakes!?!

This is without a shadow of doubt,true.

(Myth 9 is a joke myth.Please do not take it seriously.Take Myth 7 seriously though.)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wandering,17th October

Apparently,the three of us were extremely bored,now that exams are over(except RK,his exams are over next tuesday.HAHA!).We decided to wander around Singapore with no specific destination in mind.However,we were crossing a canal when RK spotted an avian which he couldn't identify on the spot.

According to Mr Tide Chaser,it is the Striated Heron(Butorides striata).It also has the nicknames of Mangrove Heron or Little Heron.

These birds are really intelligent in hunting.They usually use a little feather or leaf,dropping it on the water surface and eating the fish that came to investigate.

Although it is called a mangrove heron,this bird was found eating fish in a canal.Have the mangroves in Singapore disappeared to the point that these birds resort to eat at canals?